On July 09, 2021, at the Sofitel Hotel, WorldBridge Secure Logistics, a member of the WorldBridge Group will officially announce the rebranding of the company. Going forward, the company will operate under its new name of Brink’s WorldBridge Secure Logistics.
Brink’s, the world’s largest secure logistics company, and its oldest (established in 1859), with its head office in the USA, established a joint venture with WorldBridge Secure Logistics, bringing a wide array of new security logistics and cash services to Cambodia. The rebranding ceremony will officially announce the name change and our future operations under the Brink’s colors and logo.
Neak Okhna Sear Rithy stated, ‘this will allow us to take Cash-in-Transit to the next level. We will be able to provide new services like cash processing and overnight storage.’ Gary Freedman, Sub-Regional Manager -Southeast Asia for Brink’s stated, ‘Cambodia is a good fit for our overall strategy of expanding Brink’s services throughout Southeast Asia and the greater Asia-Pacific region.