Tenant Services – Senior Manager

Tenant Services – Senior Manager

Posting Date: 23-Jun-2021
Department: Tenant Services – Senior Manager
Reporting to: CEO
Location: SME Cluster site – Takhmau, Kandal Province
Duration: Full Time


Job Description:

The Tenant Services – Senior Manager will provide the effective leadership of the Tenant Services team (including specialized service providers) by taking responsibility for the development and delivery of the SME Cluster’s Tenant-facing service offerings and its “Active Management” business model.
The Tenant Services Unit – Senior Manager will responsible for these key areas:

  • Develop and lead the Tenant Services Business Unit as a WBID Profit Center
  • Manufacturing FDI, SME & Startup company recruitment & assessment (both foreign and local).
  • SME & Startup business & operational readiness using the WBID “ACT5 Tenant On-boarding” Program.
  • Delivery of Tenant Business Services.
  • Labor Recruitment for Tenants.
  • SME Management and Labor Skills Development
  • Ongoing Tenant capacity development using WBID’s “Active Management” philosophy
  • RGC OWS Center coordination, Ministry relations and readiness for business services delivery.
  • SME Cluster amenities planning & operations
  • SME Cluster communications & scheduling platform development guidance & upkeep
  • SME Cluster information database development and upkeep.



I. General Management:

  • Assist the CEO and WBID Sales & Marketing Unit in Tenant Recruitment, value chain planning and other activities which support Tenant development and growth.
  • Making presentations and attendance at SME & Startup related events.
  • Lead the development of an effective and services-oriented Tenant Services team.
  • Oversee the financial activities of the Business Unit including developing and management of budgets, resources and activities to ensure Business Unit profitability.
  • Identify and manage vendors needed for delivery of specialized business services.
  • Ensure the activities of the Tenant Services team are transparent, in compliance with all Cambodian laws and regulations and follow international best practices at all times.
  • Reconcile and approve all invoices from Services providers.
  • Maintain the SME Cluster Information database with accurate and up to date materials related to SMEs, Startups or Industrial Development related policies and programs from the public and private sectors.
  • Conduct periodic SME business readiness and sectoral surveys.
  • Lead weekly business unit meetings and participate in regular WBID Management meetings.
  • Perform other Tenant Services related duties as requested by the WBID CEO.

II. SME & Startup Tenant Development:

  • Coordinate and lead Tenant recruitment events in Cambodia & overseas
  • Lead the WBID Tenant “ACT5 On-boarding” process from potential tenant assessments to capacity building activities to final handover including support in processing of SME benefits and incentives.
  • Liaise, coordinate and negotiate with RGC Ministries & Departments related to the Cluster and Tenant’s business activities to ensure that all applicable Incentives, financing and other benefits are granted.
  • Proactively develop and maintain good Tenant relations at all times.
  • Provide informed advice, mentorship and guidance to Tenants regarding activities or programs which may better the Tenant’s business efficiency or profitability (WBID Active Management philosophy).
  • Inform and or coordinates the with other WBID Business Units to ensure complete service delivery and Tenant Satisfaction.

III. Business Services delivery:

  • Lead the coordination of Tenant business services delivery including logistics services, labor recruitment, skills training and direct business services. Direct special service requests to the appropriate Business Unit or external service provider.
  • Provide prompt, accurate and professional processing of documents, applications and other statutory operating requirements on the behalf of the Tenant including the processing of RGC based SME Incentives, financing or loan applications, operating licenses / certificates or applications for specialized FDI or SME development programs.
  • When requested by the Tenant, coordinate the recruitment of skilled staff or production labor.
  • Oversee the preparation of official reports, documents, etc. for the RGC or local authorities related to manufacturing, labor relations and or skills development.

IV. Skills Development & Training:

  • Develop an active program / network for the recruitment of skilled and unskilled labor as a business service.
  • Following the “ACT5 On-Boarding Program”, conduct regular assessments of the Tenant’s further labor, skills and training needs including soft skills, business management and or professional / technical / operational skills.
  • Provide guidance and recommendations to the Tenant regarding skills development and training program which supports the Tenant’s growth and development plan.
  • Assist the CEO in the planning of the WBID Technical Training Center

V. RGC OWS Center:

  • Serve as the primary contact point with designated RGC representatives for SMEs or SME Cluster programs and or business operations requirements.
  • Oversee and coordinate the planning and operations of the SME Cluster’s on-site OWS Center including its facilities, network access and other RGC requirements.
  • Oversee and coordinate the planning and operation of the SME Cluster’s on-site and web-based OWS information center. Train WBID staff to be able to serve visitor related queries.
  • Coordinate and attend meetings between Tenants and RGC officials as required.
  • Develop a digital, on-line Communications and RGC scheduling tool for the SME Cluster website

VI. SME Cluster Amenity Operations & Communications:

  • Oversee the readiness of the SME Cluster Office Building and facilities for visitors, events and services delivery at all times. (The Tenant Services BU may direct other departments to support)
  • Coordinate the planning and operations of Tenant-facing business support amenities. Amenities include, Main Reception & Display areas, Testing Laboratories, Career development / Training Center, OWS Center, Worker Canteen, Vendor Kiosks, Worker Housing, Conference Center, Workshops,
  • Develop a list of public and private events which promote and benefit the SME Cluster, its Tenants and or manufacturing sector development. Support the planning of the events with the Marketing BU.
  • Develop a digital, on-line amenity scheduling tool which is to be made available on the SME Cluster website.



  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher in a business, legal or management related field.
  • Have strong working knowledge, experience and understanding of the local SME & Startup community including RGC policies, programs, challenges and supporting ecosystem.
  • Have strong ability to discuss, influence and or negotiate with local SMEs and startups.
  • At least 6 years’ working experience in a manufacturing-related administrative, legal or business advisory position.
  • Have strong organizational and time management skills. Be able to manage multiple tasks at one time.
  • Have very strong leadership and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Have command of both spoken and written Khmer and English
  • Have good working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Be attentive, proactive, diligent and able to work in a team setting.
  • Overseas or working experience with multi-national manufacturers or companies is an advantage.


How to Apply

Interested applicants are invited to send their applications (Only CV with photo & Cover Letter) in the same pages to Human Resources through the below email address

Remark: First applications will be served for first interview and consideration!

Email: sreymeas.shaun@wbid.com.kh
Phone: (+855) 23 723 770 / (+855) 93 789 947
Website: https://www.wbid.com.kh
Address: The Bridge Soho Tower #38-25 National Assembly Street, Village 14, Tonle Bassac Commune, Chamkarmorn District, Phnom Penh

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