Neak Oknha Sear Rithy collaborated with a Korean company to promote vocational training and consulting on luxury and retail industry in Cambodia

27 Jan 2023

Neak Okhna Sear Rithy’s WorldBridge Group of Companies has signed a joint venture with Luxury Business Group Korea to bring luxury and recruitment, training and consulting services to the Cambodian market. The signing took place at the “Korea-Cambodia Business Forum” on January 27, 2023 in Seoul, South Korea.

At the signing ceremony, Neak Oknha Sear Rithy, Chairman and CEO of WorldBridge Group, emphasized that the growth of the retail sector in Cambodia will require more significant investment to provide development on human resources. Neak Oknha added that Cambodia located at the center of Indochina and not far from the major markets of India and China. In addition, if compared with Thailand and Vietnam, Cambodia expected to grow into a large luxury market in the future, and it will also become a specific market strategic.